Minimum ASVAB Score

Minimum ASVAB Score

What is the Minimum ASVAB Score I Need?

The question most of you probably ask your friends or your recruiter is “what is the minimum ASVAB score I need to join?” Am I right?

Well, we are here to give you the answer…

It depends.

Now that was pretty vague or lame. Don’t worry, we’ll try and be a little more specific when it comes to the minimum ASVAB score.


The first thing we’ll say is that it depends on which branch, time of year, manning of the respective forces, etc.

There are always exceptions to everything when it comes to the military so get used to that for sure. The thing you have to remember is that what we may say now could and probably will change throughout the course of the year.

The minimum ASVAB score is based on the AFQT, which we discussed in another post. The AFQT is based on a combination of your Word Knowledge, Math Knowledge, Arithmetic Reasoning and Paragraph Comprehension sub-tests. This is generally referred to as your “ASVAB score” when speaking to members of the military or your friends.

Be sure and check out our practice test links for those different tests in order to increase your minimum score on the ASVAB.

If you follow below, we will try and give you the most up to date information from each branch as of 31 July 2019. Keep in mind though, that these minimum ASVAB scores will probably change.


According to the U.S. Army website:

“To be considered for enlistment in the Army, you need to score at least a 31 on the ASVAB. Your scores will be provided to you on a report called the ASVAB Student Results Sheet, with additional information to help you understand your score.”

This means that your ASVAB score, otherwise known as your AFQT, needs to be at least a 31.

Air Force

The Air Force scores were a little harder to come by but we were able to find out the following info for you.

The Air Force states that applicants with a high school diploma must get at least a 36 on the ASVAB. Over 90 percent of those approved for the Air Force enlistment score at least a 50 or above on the ASVAB. This means that the Air Force recruiter may not be able to work with you unless you get that minimum ASVAB score of 36 but preferred 50.


Another tricky one to find, but our friends within the Navy told us that in order to enlist, you would need at least a 35 on the ASVAB. There are a few exceptions though. For example, a Reserve enlistment is available for those that score a 31 or higher on the ASVAB.

Marine Corps

With the Marine Corps, their requirements are that you have a minimum ASVAB score of 32. Like all branches, there are extreme circumstances. In some cases, someone may be eligible to enlist with a 25, but those are few and far between.

National Guard

Like the Army, their minimum ASVAB score required for enlistment is also a 31. Additionally, a 50 may qualify you for certain incentives. Of course, there are exceptions so be sure to ask your recruiter for that information when you can.

Coast Guard

Finally, we can’t leave out the Coast Guard! The Coast Guard is considered the most difficult branch of the military to enlist with a minimum ASVAB score of 40. There are some instances where an applicant may score below that but be qualified for a specific job, but those are rare as well.

Wrapping Up

Like we mentioned earlier in our post, there will be some changes. If you are working with a recruiter, be sure to ask him or her about the minimum ASVAB score needed for enlistment. This is important as it sets a goal for you to achieve. We will try to update this post as we get more information and as the year goes on. In the meantime, visit our different practice test sections and get used to them!