ASVAB Paragraph Comprehension Quiz 2 (10 Questions)


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#1. Karl Benz invented the modern car in 1888 in Germany. Emile Roger worked for Benz in France. He made cars in France. By 1900, many people were building cars in France and in the U.S. The first company to build only cars was Panhard et Levassor in France. Panhard started in 1889. The Peugeot car company started in 1891 in France. In the US, Frank and Charles Duryea started the Duryea Motor Wagon Company in 1893. It was the first US car company. By 1902, Ransom E. Olds started the Olds Motor Vehicle Company. A year later, Henry Ford started the Ford Motor company. It produced the Cadillac. All these early modern cars burned gasoline or diesel fuel. Ford opened factories in France and Britain in 1911. Then, they opened a factory in Denmark in 1923. Later, they opened a factory in Germany in 1925. Ford was one of the first manufacturers to use an assembly line. With an assembly line, factory workers could produce cars faster and safer than other production systems. Most modern cars still burn gasoline or diesel fuel. These cars cause air pollution. They get the air dirty. Now many people are looking for cleaner cars. And, many car companies are looking for cleaner fuels……..When did the Peugeot car company start?