Ultimate ASVAB test taking tips the night before

Ultimate ASVAB test taking tips the night before

The Ultimate List of ASVAB Test Taking Tips

Test-taking tips are searched for all over the web, including ASVAB test-taking tips.

The night before a big test. You’re thinking about all these “what ifs” running through that beautiful mind of yours.

You might even notice that your palms are sweaty. Maybe your knees weak, arms are heavy?

Gross yo!

There’s vomit on your sweater already! School’s spaghetti.

Okay, okay… I’ll stop.  You get the idea.

I’ve scoured the world wide webs in order to get you what I dub, the:

Ultimate List of ASVAB Test Taking Tips The Night Before!

  1. Have a Positive Attitude
    Approach this thing like you’d approach a big flight of stairs. It might look tough, and it might be. Your attitude will help dictate the outcome of how you do. Try it!
  2. Don’t Cram
    I will say this again. Do NOT cram. Cramming doesn’t work. If you’ve visited this site, reviewed some of the main sections and taken some of the ASVAB practice tests in each section, you’ll do fine. I promise.
  3. Sleep
    I got this one from TIME magazine. Sleep is one of the most important and most frequently overlooked strategies. Our brains are at their best when they are rested. If you sit for an exam while exhausted, you will have a much harder time recalling the information you need to earn a high score. So get your behind to bed early.
  4. Dress for Success
    When you take the test, dress in different layers. Say what? Yeah, wear a tee-shirt or something similar with a jacket. That way if you’re too cold, leave the jacket on and vice versa. The test sites could be really warm or really cold and being comfortable is the best way to help you focus on the test.
  5. One at a Time
    Okay, this one may seem weird, but I’ve been told it helps tremendously. You have to expect to feel like you are only getting half the questions answered correctly. If you are doing well, you’ll know at the end of the test, but if you go into the test expecting that you’ll get half the questions right, you’ll lower your stress level. One question at a time. Just focus on the question that’s in front of you and do your best.
  6. Eat 
    This one is a no brainer. Be sure that you go into the ASVAB test with a full stomach. You know what you like, so go with a comfort food. Just be sure to eat something that won’t upset your stomach as this could be pretty bad.
  7. Stay Off of Social Media
    This one is pretty unique as there are mixed feelings on it. People tend to get on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform to talk to friends and say what’s on your mind. While your friends and family may want to wish you luck and encourage you, it also puts unneeded pressure on you to perform well. You may have this in the back of your mind while you’re taking the test, so just stay off of it for about 4 hours before the test.
  8. Be Aware of Whatever Anxiety You’re Feeling
    This one comes from Peterson’s. The first thing to remember is that this is a natural phenomenon; your body is conditioned to raise the alarm whenever something important is about to happen. However, because you are aware of what your body and mind are doing, you can compensate for it.
  9. Understand How the ASVAB is Scored
    If you’ve looked around on this site, you should know how the ASVAB is scored. There are some things you should know and ask about whether you’re taking the computer or paper ASVAB as they are somewhat different. Knowing which sections comprise your AFQT score on the ASVAB can help instill confidence in passing this test as you’ve already prepared here!
  10. Visualize Success!
    Finally, this one is easy peasy. Picture yourself passing the ASVAB and what you’ll do and how you’ll feel when you find out that you passed. Also, be aware of your definition of success. If you’ve taken a practice test and consistently scored in the 30’s, don’t expect to score a 78 or something. Set a realistic score for yourself, maybe 10 points higher than your practice tests. So be happy with what you got. You are one of the few that get to even take this test so be happy and proud!

I hope you enjoyed these ASVAB test-taking tips.  Be sure to apply most, if not all, to have a successful ASVAB experience. You can do this!